Amazing that Yuya was actually good for a surprise this time. He hated being a trainer? Then why did he even bother— If it was so horrible as he said, he should just give up on those stupid pokéballs and return the Pokédex he had received from this guy in Kalos. Touya rolled his eyes at the explanation he got, finding it more than just ridiculous and selfish. For that kind of thing did he abuse Pokémon? For that alone did he deserve another beating! “Tch, you should listen to yourself talk. It is only ever about you, isn’t it? You hate being a trainer, you didn’t like being locked up, you’re doing it to mess with Team Flare. What about your team mates?”

Hazel eyes focused coldly on the brunette, as the knight scoffed in disgust. “Ever considered that your dislike for being a trainer might hurt their feelings as well? Instead of being stuck with someone like you, they’d be better off without you.”


And what was this about Team Flare in the first place? From what he knew, they were an useless bunch that weren’t any better than Tea Rocket over in Kanto and Johto, although they were some rumours of mass genocide flying around… “Team Flare is a waste of time, their moronic talk of a beautiful world is ridiculous. I can’t understand why people actually believe this nonsense, tch.” Narrowing his eyes, Touya folded his arms across his chest. “They should be eradicated before they hurt even more Pokémon.”

Being a trainer had been interesting at first, but the other trainers that had also set off to do their own thing were always getting in the way and challenging him to battles… He hadn’t ever gotten to know them well, and he wasn’t going to magically start now when doing so was stupid. Two thirds of the bunch were complete idiots that were head over heels in their own dreams and fantasies that would come crumbling down around them, and the third was just a bookworm that was too fascinated in that Pokedex. There wasn’t anything interesting about that device. He had taken it apart and put it back together and even changed a few things on his own— Honestly, it was child’s play for a boy like him that seemed to have little that kept his interest anymore.

Challenging the gyms wasn’t any different. Perhaps it had been exhilarating at first, but after a while they long since lost meaning alone with those badges inside of his jacket that were only cheap metal because the Pokemon Association was too fucking broke to make it out of actual gold or silver. Honestly, he figured the other would’ve been happy since he was with Team Plasma, but he still found something to criticize him about.

That’s fine. No biggie. He was used to it.

He was used to the insults. He was used to being called selfish. He was used to being told that his wants weren’t justified at all.

But honestly, he stopped caring for mere words a long time ago— Or, at least that’s what he said.

"If that’s what it sounds like, that’s what it is, isn’t it Touya?”

"I’m a stuck up little heir with more money in his pockets than an average man will earn in his entire life. I get whatever I want with a snap of a finger and punish those who don’t give it to me." Oh, the stereotypical bullshit that came along with being an heir to a fortune because his parents were rich. Wasn’t it just great? Yes, it was so wonderful to be isolated because they believed no one was good enough or that someone would take their poor child and they didn’t want to look bad when in reality they wouldn’t care if he got taken. "And honestly, if you’re going to pull your hippie bullshit on me, I really don’t care." There he was, pushing buttons on trained killers again. "I’ll release them right here if you want me to, but the fact of the matter is they wouldn’t leave when I’ve told them they should before. What do you have to say to me then?"

And then a scoff.

“‘It’s just  p i t y  , isn’t it?’ That’s what you were going to aim for.” And hey, maybe he was right. It was plausible. Despite all the money, he was a pitiful child.

"As for Team Flare, they’re shit. Who cares. I’ll take care of them." Because that’s what the hero was supposed to do, after all. He was the hero, wasn’t he— For once, people would actually commend him instead of criticizing him.



♛ — :: Oh what was that? He couldn’t hear over all the commotion he was hearing behind him. “What’s that kiddo? You said something~♪?" Strike one.

           ”—… … …”

First, someone inserts themselves in his own private conversation, and then they proceed to act as if they can’t hear him. It doesn’t even take the heir five seconds before he immediately turns in the opposite direction and beginning to walk.

            “Good-fucking-bye, I’m not wasting my time on the likes of you.”

"Hn… Gonna set up camp for tonight."


It had little to do with whether Yuya was allowed to do something or not, it was just that Touya held a dislike for questions of that nature. They were too general and anyone could fake interest by using them. But oh well. He didn’t know Yuya well enough, despite the information he had gathered about him. “Of course I do the “same old thing”, why shouldn’t I? It’s my life.”

But ah, what was that? Such odd statements coming from a trainer. Touya couldn’t help but tilt his head to one side.


"A waste of time? Now, that’s an interesting way to put it for a trainer," he snickered under his breath, though he couldn’t help but fold his arms across his chest. "How come? If you don’t like it, why are you doing it? You could just stop with the gym challenge."

Yuya was already aware at this point what Touya’s job was. Granted he didn’t know anything aside from his name and that he was a trained killer thanks to the beating he had been given a few months ago, but just a little he was assuming that he did something else aside from work. Guess this one was one of those that just worked all the time and didn’t know how to do anything else, right? He fit the mold, that was for sure… No wonder he didn’t look like he had any friends.

He knew a lonely asshole when he saw one, after all.

At the other’s snicker, the heir couldn’t help but scoff and shove his hands into the confines of his pockets. Why was he even so amused to begin with? He really was some stupid crazy murderer, wasn’t he… Kinda ironic he was still bothering with him. “I hate being a trainer, it’s really stupid.” he answered honestly, shrugging a little. “It was my chance to get away from my parents who locked me up in a room all day, that’s all I wanted. At this point, I’m only doing it to keep fucking with Team Flare.”

"That sounds like a personal problem kiddo."

"That is precisely why I was talking to myself and not a piss green tree like you." Welcome, stranger, you have earned an heir that is rarely ever happy.

"Serena and I accidentally switched up our meowstics the last time I saw her. Just great. Now I have to deal with this asshole who won’t listen to me."


Hey wait. If it was Xavier’s birthday today, would it make it the alternate version’s birthdays too? Unlikely, but he would be looking for them anyway. Still, the only one he really knew was Yuya..who hadn’t talked to in awhile, the guy was a lot more mature, and smart compared to Xavier. Should he even try?


Yeah, sure. Why not? Into the dark alleyways of Lumiose he would go!

Another day, another day wasted within the city of Lumiose where Yuya could commonly be found as he got into messes he shouldn’t of gotten into. His desire for danger was too great for whatever reason, always finding the most dangerous to anger and make them angry so he could feel adrenaline pump through his veins when he turned to run and save his skin just by a little bit. It was a dangerous pattern of his that would result in his funeral some day, but today he had yet to do that and get involved in something possible illegal.

Instead, he had been aiming to do so when he stopped, noticing a familiar identical jacket similar to his own that was walking down the alleyways of Lumiose City. What was that… An alternate? Hm, he looked like that one guy he spoke to not too long ago— What the hell was he doing out here?

"Dude, what the hell are you doing out here? You’re going to get yourself killed."


see ya