"E-eh…..que? No love?" {/Aww how mean. Time for Mei to put on the ol’ razzle dazzle and make him feel bad for being so mean to her. Letting go of him rather quickly, with a loud sniffle, she began to rub at her eyes gently.} "So mean…telling me you love me, then taking it all away from me. If you don’t love me, Yuya…then why invite me to lunch? After making such a big deal of picking on me?"

Was she doing this on purpose? Probably. Was it working? Not really— Unless she was just trying to piss him off, in which case it was a plan that was working perfectly when she was still going on about such nonsensical things. “Those words never slipped my lips ever.” He shot back bluntly. “I’m asking if you want to go to shut you up since I know you like food and I have money to burn anyway.”



Well at least Kyouhei didn’t have to worry anymore about locating the Pokemon’s owner.  He had been very worried about locating them after the Meowstic came up to him. “Guess I do not need to go searching for you now. do I… I think she’s okay, though she seems very interested in the contents of my bag..” She might have taken some small treat from it, but Kyouhei didn’t feel the need to deny her it. It was just a small treat after all, what harm would it had done?

"Yeah. She’s spoiled and runs away when I don’t give her what she wants." Like a certain trainer of hers, of course, but he was never going to see that himself. The pokemon had too many pokepuffs already, and after the heir had told her she didn’t need to have anymore, Suri had ran off because she didn’t get what she wanted. Clearly she got what she wanted from this person, however. Ugh, his pokemon were such a handful. "But evidently you gave her that so I guess she’ll be good for now."



▓ ♛ ▓ ▬

                                  ❝I remember now… You are Yuya, yes? We have met once before. By the river outside of Saffron City. I can understand that you do not remember me, I do not recall I ever gave you my name.

Hmmm, he had been to Kanto far too many times to count… She still wasn’t ringing any bells, but he assumed they hadn’t really talked for long in that case. 

              “Uh, yeah, that’s me…” He answered. “Then you are…?”



"I already claimed it! No way am I giving that title back! I’m your Hime, Princesa, Princesse! Whatever how you wanna say it!"

"Princesa?" He echoed with an arch of his brow. Her? This girl? With how much they argued? “Más como autoproclamado princesa.

Memory Meme


Past experiences help shape who we are currently, how we see the world. Send in a symbol and I’ll write a drabble of one of my muse’s memories. 

❥ - a childhood memory

♣ - a fading memory

 - a vivid memory

✖ - a repressed memory

✈ - an eye-opening memory

✤ - a memory that involves romance/love

☤ - a memory of death/loss

✍ - a memory of their mother

☽ - a memory of their father

♘ - a memory of their sibling(s)

✌ - a memory of a relative

↕ - a memory that may or may not have happened

♚ - a memory of something paranormal

✓ - a sexual memory

♬ - a friend/best friend memory

waratetta texted: {/Leaves Yuya a copy of Beat Takeshi, with a note attached.} 'I wanted to show you how much you mean to me.'


She left him a video game?

          Well, whatever. He might as well play it. Nothing better to do, after all.

          No idea what she means but he supposes he’ll find out.


swaggie: je swag, tu swags, il/elle/on swag, nous swagons, vous swagez, ils/elles swagent